It Is What It Is… Or Is It?

I love the Snow!

Snow climbing and a little munching!

Baby, it’s cold outside! My mom hates the cold. A big difference between people and canines is we don’t talk about the weather…ever. I never change my plans because of the weather. I love to romp in the snow…love eating the fluffy white flakes. My mom gets grumpy with me when it is subzero and I am running around out there.  She’ll call me and say, “Come on Shadow, get in here it is freezing!” Then comes summer and it gets hot and humid. I love rolling around in the green, green grass and chewing on sticks. Sometimes even on a beautiful sunny day my mom gets a little grumpy and tells me, “come on Shadow, it is too hot out here!” I’ve been noticing a pattern here!

Enjoying The Day!

I enjoy everyday!

My mom says she needs to be more like a dog, uncompromising with a good attitude no matter what the weather. When is there ever a “perfect day?” Sure one can say “it is what it is” but ultimately it isn’t…It is what you and I choose to make it. So go out and bark happy barks and have an awesome day!


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