My Idle-Whines

One thing my mom will tell you about me is I am a terrific watch dog! I know when someone walks by our apartment door and I let the world know. I hear things my mom doesn’t and thankfully I see things my mom doesn’t. That is my calling, to serve and protect.

 The No-Whine Zone!

The No-Whine Zone!

However, I’ve been spending a lot of Kennel time for what my mom calls Idle-whines. I am very vocal. I think I have a great voice but my mom gets tired of telling me to be quiet so in the Kennel I go. Mom says my idle-whines make a lot of useless, empty noise and declared our home a “no whine zone.” Now, when I have something to bark about my mom praises me. But I like being the center of attention. Idle-whines get me in trouble and are a pain in the hearer’s ears. It gets me the wrong kind of attention. A watchful bark at the right time gets me great rewards for being a watch dog. Then there are times when I “talk” during dog play time which is a different thing all together. My talk is not a idle-whines but an expression of pure joy of life!

Words are powerful as are idle-whines. Most of the time less is more. May our words not be idle-whines but a voice of purpose.  Oh if only our words were words of encouragement and praise! It would be music to the hearers ears and make our world a better place.

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