I Was Wrong But I was Right…

My mom was in the kitchen and I was laying in the hallway. I heard her say, “Shadow, bring me…” Like Superman transition into action I flew in the living room and picked up the first thing I came to and brought it to my mom. My tail was wagging with the delight of serving as I ran up to her and sat down with a sparkle in my eyes and the slipper in my mouth to give to her. My mom about busted a gut laughing. I was suppose to get my Kong and brinShadowSlipperg it to her. I didn’t listen too well but so wanted to please her.

My mom had just went to the eye doctor. She told me she tried to remember the letters on the chart (cheating) rather than actually seeing the letters. However, she said now they got a computerized eye chart that changes the letters. No longer would her memory help her. So in her quest to get the letters right she asked permission to squint–hard in order to focus. Permission denied. This too was the wrong way to be right.

There are at least two wrong ways of attempting to do right. In my mom’s case she was wrong in the ways she attempted to get the letters on the chart right. However, my mom said even though my action was wrong- my heart was right. I thought I was doing what my Master wanted. Sometimes you can put your whole heart in doing what you believe is right but find out it was wrong. Be not dismayed, perhaps you have a Master like mine, who looks at the motive of your heart.

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