Whine and Bars

Yesterday I was behind the bars a long time. I have reasons to whine. Some are valid like tail pain. Some are not valid reasons. Yesterday I just wanted my own way. Yeah, I know I am a professional Service dog but… I wanted more attention and wasn’t getting it. My mom didn’t give me my special treat, she did not take me out to play in the snow. I had reason to whine!!

Well, I thought I had good reason to whine. My mom didn’t think I did. She told me to knock off the whining. She even gave me plenty of warnings to stop it. But I wanted my way because I was entitled to it. Well, so I thought. She put my whiney tail in the kennel and there I stayed for a couple hours.

Eventually I stopped whining, laying quietly behind the bars. I had a lot to think about.whineShadow

I learned being whiney keeps me limited and confined in the kennel.  I could not enjoy the freedom I usually have nor be as close to my mom as I wanted to be. I could not get a drink or earn a treat by doing tasks. I remembered spending unending days and nights in the kennel along with many other homeless dogs.

When the kennel door was finally opened I became oh, so happy!! I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a home, a great job and a mom who loves me. Being thankful sets the captives free!

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