The Dog That Talks Too Much

Any one who knows me personally knows I have a big bark and am extremely vocal. My mom says I talk to much! Can you believe it? I can be quite the whiner at times. I sometimes have a reason, like my tail hurts or I don’t feel good. Sometimes though I just like to hear myself whine and it gets my mom’s attention.

Me with my mouth open.

Me with my mouth open.

Besides whining I know the language of “woo-woo-wooing.” I think I am cute when I do this but after awhile I wear on my mom’s last nerve. What do I woo-woo about? I like to hear myself “talk” and it gets attention from others. I have learned though it will also get me “kennel time” if I am persistent in the attention seeking “talking.”

My mom believes in “less talk, more walk” meaning to get on with the business of service and helping others rather than talking about it. She told me when she talks to much she usually puts her foot in her mouth. I can put my foot in my mouth but I really can’t see my mom doing that! Over all we live a quiet life. I am learning to talk to hear myself talk has little value…it is just idle noise.

I am continually learning to let my (words) woo-wooing be few. Action speaks louder than woo-wooing (words). My mom told me she continually relearns this valuable truth. Our motto is less talk, more walk. What do your actions speak of?

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