Cat Naps

Boy, lately I have been dog tired, no pun intended. I have been to Dr. Heather, my vet a few times. I get real nervous in there but she is very nice. I have been taking more naps than the cat…well, almost.

I don’t understand why I don’t feel very well. My mom is concerned about me and gives me lots of hugs. They say dogs live in the moment. Well, sometimes I hardly can wait until the next moment and hope it is a better moment than this one is.

Cat Napping

Cat Napping

My mom says too often we take “time” for granted. We think we will always have each other in our lives. What me and my mom now do is cherish the time we have together. A dog’s life is short compared to human years and my mom says the human life is compared to a “vapor” that is here and soon disappears. So I am off to snuggle with my mom and nap. But I wanted to encourage you to appreciate and cherish each day with those you love. And take time for cat naps. It is the only valuable thing the cat has taught me but it is a good thing. I love cat naps.

The Cat giving lessons how to cat-nap.

The Cat giving lessons how to cat-nap.


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