But I Want It Now

even the Shadow knows

Life as a Service Dog has it’s good days and blah days. Blah days are not really blah blah just not exciting as other days. I love going where people acknowledge me. They tell my mom, “Ahh, what a beautiful dog.” My mom says thank you and we move on.

There are times I just don’t want to DO what’s right anymore. Like why do I have to sit to get my favorite Kong? I want it NOW! Why do I have to wait to go through the door? I want to go out first! It is not often when I get this attitude of I WANT IT and I WANT IT NOW but when I do and my mom knows I am in the selfish mode; she takes action. She makes me do a series of things I don’t want to do until I get my attitude right. Geez, I seldom get away with getting my way. I may a time or two but it seems even when I do get my way now; it makes my heart a little harder to hear my mom’s voice. It is like the dog in me takes over and I want my way- NOW more than ever. I am not the sweet service dog I usually am, my demeanor changes. I feel like I am becoming self centered like cats are. I need professional help at these time….MOM, help me!

My mom always steps in before things get out of paws. Amazing what a little more discipline, kennel time and training will do to knock the “BUT IT WANT IT NOW” out of me. I don’t like that disobedient feeling, it bothers my gut and the vet says I have a tender tummy anyway. And my selfishness can hurt my mom or me or both, like when I try to crowd through the door first. I could get run over, my mom may fall…there are consequences to my selfish wants.

So here is the key to all my fellow canines who serve their Masters. When the “BUT I WANT IT NOW” urge rears its ugly head, think of how you are acting just like the self-centered cat. That is the worse feeling a dog can have besides knowing one is going to get discipline by mom.

The real beauty is– in time my Master usually gives me what I want anyway. But it is not my time it is in the Master’s due time. It is awesome serving a Master who loves me so much that I do get what I want when it is the Master’s will at the right time.




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