About Shadow

My name is Shadow. I am a mixed breed 5 year old dog, rescued from a no-kill shelter. I  was rescued when I was about 6 months old and now I am a Lifeline Service Dog  ~ http://www.lifelineservicedogs.com

My Job Description: Take care of my mom. I am a mobility aid and help her balance, brace and walk. I pick up stuff she drops– you name it! I love taking my mom’s socks off and fetching her shoes. I like carrying the mail and ripping it up…with permission of course! I am a shredding machine! I love going places especially to church and to play at the dog parks. Simply put I LOVE TO SERVE! This is my life! Thank you for visiting my blog.


I am “the Shadow”

2 thoughts on “About Shadow

    • Thank you Nancy for your kind words. I love to help my mom…I know she calls me a working dog but it is to much fun to be work! It is a joy! 🙂


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