Shadow Answers

THANK YOU for sending me your questions.

This question is in two parts. Thank you Marley J. for writing in!

Shadow, you are good looking and so smart. How about a date?
We could look out the window, chew on some home made bones and dream about chasing squirrels! Let me tell you about myself. I have lite golden blond fur, big brown eyes, and a smile so big that it shows my big white teeth. I’m a big guy, my moms says I’m fat, but I’m not! My fur is fluffy and I am big boned!

Marley, my mom says I can go out with you when I am not working. HA! I am always working! However, when you are in town perhaps we could go to dog park and run around! Please send me your picture so I can hang it in my Kennel. Thanks.
Your calling is serving your mom. Mine calling is making my mom laugh when she is sad. We, meaning everyone in my house are so happy you are well again. I prayed for you and your mom everyday.
My question is: (not a joke) do you think Jesus has a dog?

That’s some question Marley! I don’t think Jesus has a dog…I think He has lots of dogs. I am no Bible scholar and have no proof that will stand up in The People’s court but…I must believe there is a Rainbow Bridge for us and when we cross it we will be in the company of many who crossed before and Jesus will be there too. Thank you for praying for me and my mom. Back at ya, Mar!



2 thoughts on “Shadow Answers

  1. Hi Shadow, this is Marley again. My question is…how can I learn to love my new annoying beagle-brother? I am much nicer than my late sister, Sadie. Before I was born she threw a cat out of a window screen, and told him to never come back, or she would eat him. My mom never saw him again. I am not sure if this story is true, but that is the word on the dog circuit. She is their hero. Maybe that is why I have never seen a cat in my yard??


    • Hi Marley: Truly, it is hard to love some brothers whether they are beagles or cats. The truth is my Marley is love is a choice and whether it be a beagle brother or a Murphy the cat we must make the choice to love them. I know, I know…it is tough but it is the only way. I am not sure what it is the way too but my mom assures me that it is the only choice to make or else… Murphy the cat will come over and wash my face! If there is good in a cat, I am sure there is good in your beagle brother. (Please don’t let it get out on the dog circuit that I let the cat kiss me.) Best to you Marley. I think in due time your beagle brother will not annoy you as much….like in a thousand years!


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