When Your Tail Has No Reason to Wag

Do you ever have those days or those times when you just lack the zip a do da? A time when there is nothing to wag about?  The days you know that your person is hurting and all you can do is stay close.

Sometimes there seems to be nothing to wag about.  Yeah there are times my tail hurts. More often I sense my mom doesn’t feel well. Once in awhile there is a sadness I sense in her. Like she lost something… for a dog it is not difficult to sense this sadness. There are days where I know it takes everything my mom has to just walk what she calls “Brenda’s style.” Sometimes mom is literally so exhausted she drags tail from the time she gets nowagdayup. I know sometimes she gets up just because of me…to let me out, give my medication and feed me. I know on these days mom longs to just go back to bed but stays up and does all she can to stay strong. I’ve licked her tears away as she cries from the pain and the lost…the loss of function, the loss of ability, the sense she is losing the battle against the all the things gone wrong in her body. These are no wag days. I linger near her and she hugs me tight.

Then I watch in amazement as my mom regroups…sometimes it takes a day or two, sometimes it takes just a little while but my mom will regroup. It is not physical strength but a strength from a different source. I sense it. Her Source of Strength is not in doctors, pills or portions but my mom strength comes from Some One she calls Her Master and LORD Jesus Christ and the Hope infused in her can not be pushed down by any circumstance for long….as her Master comes to her aid sort of like I come to hers to comfort and help.

When my mom taps into her Source it makes my day. Though I still see her struggle, still in pain and small things are difficult…there is a JOY in her that brings that strength back.  This alone chases my no wag days away. My tail maybe little but when my mom has her “purpose and determination” back, boy can my tail wag!

May you never have no wag days. But if you do- I hope you have a source to get your wag back. Nothing is as great as that joy that bubbles up on the inside when my tail has no other choice but to …wag. 🙂

But I Want It Now

even the Shadow knows

Life as a Service Dog has it’s good days and blah days. Blah days are not really blah blah just not exciting as other days. I love going where people acknowledge me. They tell my mom, “Ahh, what a beautiful dog.” My mom says thank you and we move on.

There are times I just don’t want to DO what’s right anymore. Like why do I have to sit to get my favorite Kong? I want it NOW! Why do I have to wait to go through the door? I want to go out first! It is not often when I get this attitude of I WANT IT and I WANT IT NOW but when I do and my mom knows I am in the selfish mode; she takes action. She makes me do a series of things I don’t want to do until I get my attitude right. Geez, I seldom get away with getting my way. I may a time or two but it seems even when I do get my way now; it makes my heart a little harder to hear my mom’s voice. It is like the dog in me takes over and I want my way- NOW more than ever. I am not the sweet service dog I usually am, my demeanor changes. I feel like I am becoming self centered like cats are. I need professional help at these time….MOM, help me!

My mom always steps in before things get out of paws. Amazing what a little more discipline, kennel time and training will do to knock the “BUT IT WANT IT NOW” out of me. I don’t like that disobedient feeling, it bothers my gut and the vet says I have a tender tummy anyway. And my selfishness can hurt my mom or me or both, like when I try to crowd through the door first. I could get run over, my mom may fall…there are consequences to my selfish wants.

So here is the key to all my fellow canines who serve their Masters. When the “BUT I WANT IT NOW” urge rears its ugly head, think of how you are acting just like the self-centered cat. That is the worse feeling a dog can have besides knowing one is going to get discipline by mom.

The real beauty is– in time my Master usually gives me what I want anyway. But it is not my time it is in the Master’s due time. It is awesome serving a Master who loves me so much that I do get what I want when it is the Master’s will at the right time.




A Wandering Tale

Have you ever had a day, a week, or a month when you simply “dragged tail?” Though I don’t have much of a tail to drag it feels like it’s dragging. I can’t quite put my nose on it but something is missing. Sometimes I don’t feel right, but I don’t feel wrong. I get real whiney and my mom doesn’t understand me. To be honest as a dog can be; I don’t understand either. nose

My mom looks at me with concern. I get stuck in this zone of “The Wandering Tale,” going nowhere but wanting to be everywhere. Doing nothing but longing to accomplish something.  You think dogs don’t wanna work? We do. My mom will tell you I do much better with structure and boundaries. Most of the my wandering tale is just because I lost focus of that One thing I am to do.

I think I found the cure for the wandering tale. It is to stay focus on my Master and her will for me. If I start looking at squirrels, chasing the cat, bark excessively because I feel like it,  I end up losing focus on my real purpose. This actually makes me more anxious and out of sorts.  A distracted Service dog who wanders in thought or deed is a potential danger to the Master’s Service. One of my commands is to “look” which is the same as focus.

Don’t waste your time stuck in a wandering tale whether in thoughts or deeds -going nowhere. There is a great purpose for you that will impact your world for the good. Stay focus on your Master’s will  and just do it. Life is short, especially for a dog. Why do cats have 9 lives, life just isn’t fair! So live your life with laser like focus, fiery passion and a sole purpose. I know my Master deserves no less.

Whine and Bars

Yesterday I was behind the bars a long time. I have reasons to whine. Some are valid like tail pain. Some are not valid reasons. Yesterday I just wanted my own way. Yeah, I know I am a professional Service dog but… I wanted more attention and wasn’t getting it. My mom didn’t give me my special treat, she did not take me out to play in the snow. I had reason to whine!!

Well, I thought I had good reason to whine. My mom didn’t think I did. She told me to knock off the whining. She even gave me plenty of warnings to stop it. But I wanted my way because I was entitled to it. Well, so I thought. She put my whiney tail in the kennel and there I stayed for a couple hours.

Eventually I stopped whining, laying quietly behind the bars. I had a lot to think about.whineShadow

I learned being whiney keeps me limited and confined in the kennel.  I could not enjoy the freedom I usually have nor be as close to my mom as I wanted to be. I could not get a drink or earn a treat by doing tasks. I remembered spending unending days and nights in the kennel along with many other homeless dogs.

When the kennel door was finally opened I became oh, so happy!! I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a home, a great job and a mom who loves me. Being thankful sets the captives free!