Shaddow in her KennelThe last few days the squirrels have been driving me nuts. I don’t understand why they get off without a hitch running around, chasing each other all around (in front of my door) and stealing bird seed! I know I am not supposed to react to these little punks teasing me. As soon as I move one muscle towards being disobedient or when I slap a paw on the glass; my mom’s voice rings out, “Kennel!” I have been spending more time behind bars than anywhere else lately. I know squirrels will be squirrels and I am a dog. This is where I must not respond like…who I am…for the Greater Good of my mom’s safety. If I react with my canine instincts when I am working-helping my mom with balance-my response could leave her on the ground. That’s why I must be disciplined and not respond the way my instincts urge me too. My life as a Service dog isn’t about me.

The squirrels will always drive me nuts but I don’t want to do anything to hurt my mom. She needs me to be the Service Dog I am trained to be. And who wants to do Kennel time. No squirrel is worth losing my job- my calling to serve. Besides I don’t like time behind bars. I love my freedom.

There will always be things to chase…I have friends with tails long enough to chase. Not only are they surprise if they catch it, they are disappointed. Such is life on the endless treadmill of chasing what we think we want. There is  freedom and joy in service and self-sacrifice for the sake of others. It is in dying to self-will that we live; it is in giving that we really get -a life full of purpose and passion.