Commitment – The Four Letter Word

Some gnawed at the wire cage until their mouths bled. Many were barking continually while others curled up in the corner of their kennel, trembling with fear. The nice lady led me by all different sizes and breeds of my fellow canines in a long line of kennels. I didn’t understand why I was here. The only “human” dad I knew just dropped me off at No Kill Shelter.

Commitment the four letter wordWe could no longer stay with our “humans” for various reasons. Some “humans” just got tired of us like one gets tired of a new toy and decides to throw it and us away. A few of us were dropped off because we were unwanted in the first place. Parents gave into their children who promised to take care of their new pup- but didn’t so back to the shelter we went. A few  canines had behavior issues the humans couldn’t deal with and a few of us were rescued from those who abused us. Every canine at the Shelter had a story.

Though The No Kill Shelter was not our choice place to be, it was much better than where many of us were or could be.  The “humans” at the Shelter were so kind and patience with us, most of us knew how fortunate, loved and care for we were. Many of my fellow canines would be adopted by a loving forever homes. A few like me, would be trained and placed as a Service Dog while a few would live their whole life at the No Kill Shelter.

All of the canines at the No Kill Shelter had one thing in common we just wanted the chance to be a part of somebody’s life. We wanted to have somebody to love and have someone to love us. Commitment is a four letter word called love. Yes, even with us canines, love means commitment, dedication and work. But the benefits are great. The joy and love a human gets in return for their commitment is beyond measure. One thing we canines know how to do is bring value to a human’s life by loving-unconditionally. We will never abandon our human. We will bring our humans joy, laughter and lots of sloppy slurps.

On behalf of all my fellow canines- Thank You to all the No Kill Shelters and the people who work there and all the wonderful volunteers who love us enough to give us a second chance. You Rock! Thank You for your commitment. Thank you for your love.