Light On

A Service Dog has many tasks. Some things are a little more tricky to learn and do well. To be honest, there are a few things I have yet to master. While learning to open the refrigerator door, I got hit in the face with the door when it suddenly opened – SMACK!  That hurt! Tugging the towel (tied to the handle) gently yet hard enough to open the door~ while moving out of the way is a skill I am still working on. After getting hit in the muzzle a few times a dog is ready for her “favorite beverage.”

Another difficult task is “Light On.” I am pretty good at “Light Off” but I have a long way to go to master “Light On.”

My mom says in a way; turning the light off reminds her of some people she knows. She says some people are really good at turning the “light off.” They are skilled finding the negative in almost every situation. They will stomp out the flickers of hope. Bad news travels fast. How many people would watch the news if it was good news? Some people tend to be pulled to the darkness and dwell there. They love to talk about the bad things rather than the good things in life.

I am good at turning the light off- hitting the wall switch with my paw. I need to practice turning it on. It is a lot harder. I ask my mom why can’t we just leave the light on. (Don’t want to leave the light off because it is  dark).

Literally, leaving the light on all the time will run up the electric bill. But my mom says we should leave the light on in our hearts, thinking and being positive, and encouraging –  no matter what the day brings. It doesn’t take any more energy for us to be positive (let your light shine) then it does to be negative  (dwell in the darkness). Even in the daylight, shine on! One little light will disperse a room full of darkness. Life is too short to stay (negative) in the dark.