Ca-ca- CAT – Catastrophes

Boy, did my mom rock my world! We went to Petco and I thought way cool, mom is going to buy me treats. I was wrong. We adopted a cat!! Sometimes I think my mom is crazy. We have a happy home why ruin it with a ca-ca-cat? Truly this is a CATastophe in the making.

Murphy the cat

Murphy the cat

Well, to my utter amazement Murphy is a pretty cool cat. You could say my attitude needed some big time adjustments and my mom helped me make them. Do cats laugh? When I chase Murphy, my mom says, “SHADOW KENNEL!” I swear Murphy turns and grins at me just as he takes off to his safe place. The very first night, Murphy had the guts to get on the bed with us! Where is the boundaries boy? My mom was up most the night helping me make more adjustments in my attitude. By morning, not only was Murphy sleeping on the bed with us, he had snuggled up to me!

It has been about a month since Murphy came to live with us. I must confess life is much more interesting. Actually, what I thought was the worst possible thing, turned out to be nice. Don’t tell Murphy but I am rather fond of the little fella. We play and run around the apartment. My mom still likes me best! She tells me I am her favorite dog!

What we think is the worst thing that could happen to us may actually turn out to be wonderful! At first it may not seem like it. Some times our attitude needs to change. It is amazing how much our attitude can dictate whether we look at life as a disaster or an adventure we can learn from and perhaps enjoy. The choice is ultimately ours to make.


Shadow's Short Tales

Me (Shadow) and my mom.

We all know dogs cannot talk but dogs do communicate. It is my hope to capture the essence of the life lessons from being a Service dog. My mom says I am an expressive character. I help her 24/7 and she tells me I am a great blessing to her. My hope is that you enjoy this blog and hopefully take with you a smile or an AHA moment from Shadow’s Short Tales.

Thank you for your interest. It is my intent to publish new posts often. This is my third blog…even dogs goof up a lot. Once again I am starting from the scratch. Never, never give up…you can always start over again…again and again. Just ask me “the Shadow” – I know!