Keep Going Through

I don’t like going through open doors and I especially dislike elevator doors. My mom waits for me to “go through” as she holds the door open for us. I look back and with all my might try to convince her with my pleading eyes that she should go first. She knows me well. Looking straight at me she commands “Shadow, Go through.”  So I just “do it,” and all is well.

There are things I just don’t like going through. Things I don’t like seeing my mom go through – like the struggles and pain  she goes through every day. I don’t like to see homeless dogs or homeless people go through the heartaches of life. I don’t like to see anyone hurt – not even Murphy, the cat. My mom told me the key is focus ahead and keep putting one paw in front of the other and keep “going through.”

Keep Putting One Paw In Front of Another...

One Paw In Front of Another…

Are you facing something that you don’t think you will be able to go through? Life obstacles are overwhelming at times. Though I go through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for Thou O Lord are with me. Shadows are harmless.  Keep putting one paw in front of the other. You can “keep going through!”

The Gift

Tears flowed down my mom’s face as she sat staring at the screen of her computer. Concerned, I “tapped” her to get her attention. Mom just hugged me tight, soaking my neck with her tears then shared the tragic news.

Sammi, my Aussie friend got hit by a car and died. Oh, Sammi why did you have to die so young? You were so full of life and fun. I loved it when your mom came over to visit my mom and we played and played. Thank you for the times we shared.

The tragedy of losing my friend Sammi, not only breaks my heart and my mom’s; it breaks our heart all over again as we pray for those who knew and loved Sammi the most – Mike and Cindy. How can I comfort such a great loss?

One thing I know is to live each moment to the fullest- like it is a gift…because it is. Appreciate each day.

This life has many joys but also many heart wrenching things that happen like sickness, disease, death, war, and homelessness- the list goes on and on. But my mom read to me of a time that is coming when G-d Himself will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away. (Rev. 21:3) Until then, me and my mom will be thankful for the Gift of life, value each day and live it to max. Until then- we Love you Sammi and we miss you! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

Missing you Sammi!

Missing you Sammi!