Live It!

Well, my mom just told me I am 35 years old in human years! Boy that is a lot different than the 5 years my vet records say I am. I don’t understand why we canines age 7 years to humans 1 year.

Me with Dr. Heather

Me with Dr. Heather, my Vet.

I look forward to each day. My mom has me on a routine which varies sometimes when we get to go out to run errands, doctor appointments and of course, the veterinarian. But most of the time my routine is the same.  I am not bored by any means! I have work or harness time, Kong time, break time, kennel time and bed time. Since my life is short compared to a humans, I pack  each day with all the wonders it can possibly hold.

Time goes too swiftly by. When I hear people say I wish it were tomorrow, the weekend, or some other future time; a part of me whines out “Noooo…..” Don’t wish your life away! Live it!